April 24, 2024

Derek Carr Signs With The Saints, Fans React


Derek Carr was one of the biggest free-agent quarterbacks in the NFL this offseason. Overall, there are some other interesting storylines to watch. For instance, Aaron Rodgers is someone who has been teasing a decision in regard to the Green Bay Packers. Moreover, Lamar Jackson and Daniel Jones are looking for massive contracts. However, if they do not get them, they could very well end up on other teams. This is all going down as Carr has been trying to find a new team to play for.

Out of all of these quarterbacks, Carr was the readiest to make a decision. He was a free agent and could go as he pleases. In fact, there had been all sorts of reports about Carr considering the New Orleans Saints. Overall, they are a franchise that has been in need of a new franchise QB, and Carr seemed to fit the bill. Although he hasn’t won a ton in terms of the postseason, he is still a top-15 quarterback in the league. Consequently, the Saints had some mutual interest.

Derek Carr Makes A Decision

Today, Carr took to Twitter where he posted a video of Tyrann Mathieu on the field prior to a Saints game. This pretty well confirmed the fact that Carr would be signing with the team. Subsequently, the Saints have some decisions to make as it pertains to Jameis Winston. They could trade him or just release him entirely. Moreover, they also have to think about Andy Dalton, who is also on the roster. Either way, it is confirmed that Carr is now their quarterback of the future, and it will be interesting to see how this goes.

As you can see in the tweets below, fans had some split reactions to this latest development. Overall, there seems to be this sense that Carr is making a lateral move and that he cannot win anything with the Saints. However, there are quite a few Saints fans out there who are very happy about their new QB. No matter what, this is a far cry from the days of Drew Brees. Let us know what you think of the move, in the comments below.

Fans React


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