April 24, 2024

Jay-Z & Rihanna Gift Flowers To Viral Senior Citizens For TikTok Of Halftime Show


Jay-Z & Rihanna just sent residents of Arcadia Senior Living flowers after their TikTok rendition of her Super Bowl halftime show went viral. In fact, the video has over 30 million views, what do you mean you haven’t seen it on your page? Regardless, the video shows a group of senior citizens dressed in red and white, mimicking RiRi’s aesthetic for her show. Overall, media from everywhere picked up the news, from The Today Show to UK outlets. What’s more is that Hov, who helped organize the show, sent them a special gift for their wholesome video.

“There’s 100 of them,” Arcadia Senior Living resident Sue Evans remarked on NBC News 40. “And they’re from Jay-Z. My granddaughter was worried and she told her mother- ‘I hope she knows who Jay-Z is!’” On the other hand, many interviewed residents spoke on how the viral moment’s affected their day-to-day. “My grandchildren and I watched and there were flips and flops and I was standing there thinking wow I wish I could do that. And then i did do that,” said resident Dora Martin. 

Jay-Z Give Flowers To Senior Citizens For Rihanna Performance TikTok

“I went to the doctor the other day. The nurses, as soon as I walked in there, knew who I was,” she continued. Also, she thanked Jay for his kind gesture. “I thought that was wonderful, very nice of him!” It seems one of hip-hop’s busiest figures is still tapped into how people connect to his craft. “We thought about pressing them in a book. But we haven’t got a big enough book,” resident Ora Rampenthal added. Meanwhile, Evans said that their TikTok account (with 113,000 followers and counting) goes deeper than just a viral moment.

“I hope they see that getting old and living in a facility is not all bad like we used to think it was,” she stated. While people reacted in a lot of different ways to Rihanna’s show, this is another level. Still, the world’s probably a bit more wholesome for it right now. Regardless, check out Arcadia’s rendition here and stay posted on HNHH for the latest on Jay-Z and Rihanna.


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