April 25, 2024

Cardi B Models McDonald’s-Inspired Merch


Cardi B, the Grammy award-winning rapper, has once again caught the attention of her fans. Her new McDonald’s inspired merchandise is driving fans crazy. The rapper, who has a long-standing love for McDonald’s, took to Instagram to share her latest collection with her followers. In a series of posts, Cardi B can be seen posing in various McDonald’s themed outfits. Only Cardi B can make clothing based on fast food look high fashion. The rapper looks glamorous and completely in her element as she shows off the new line.

In her new collection, fans can make outfits through a series of shirts, hoodies, shorts, and beanies. There are also swimsuit and legging options. Almost every article of clothing has a reference to McDonald’s in some way. In Cardi’s Instagram post, she can even be seen wearing red and yellow heels. The yellow and red bear a similar color scheme to McDonald’s brand. The fact that Cardi has McDonald’s-inspired clothes that are not part of her collection shows how much of a fan she is.

Cardi B Rocks Her New Limited Line

Cardi B is no stranger to working with McDonald’s. In fact, many celebrities will pair with the fast food chain to promote themselves. However, Cardi remains a devoted fan to the franchise, despite any backlash she may receive. Her partner Offset also shares her enthusiasm for McDonald’s. Currently, the pair is in a deal with the franchise and have their own McDonald’s meal available to buy. There has been some back and forth between the couple and the company, however. Many people believe that neither Cardi B nor Offset represents the family-friendly brand.

But Cardi’s new merchandise line shows she has no intention of slowing down. She has caught the attention of not just her fans, but her peers as well. Many people are taking to social media to tell Cardi B how good she looks. Although there has been some outrage regarding the Cardi and Offset meal, McDonald’s stands by its decision. This is most likely a good decision, as Cardi’s devotion is consistently driving traffic in their direction.


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