April 25, 2024

Mac Miller Bus Freestyle From His Early Days Resurfaces


While some rappers unfortunately did not live to see the full fruits of their labor, they live on through their music, fandoms, and family. An old video of a very young Mac Miller spitting a freestyle on a bus recently resurfaced on the Internet. Moreover, it’s incredibly heartwarming to see the late artist having fun with his colleagues. In fact, there’s not even a beat, just one of Mac’s friends beatboxing. Also, you can tell this is incredibly early into his artistic journey, as he’s still got a full head of hair and an even more youthful demeanor than what he broke onto the scene with.

“I ain’t God, but you can call me Hova,” the Pittsburgh legend raps in the new clip. “In the Ranger Rover, never sober, I don’t even know ’cause you know I am a flower.” It’s a short but sweet reminder of Miller’s early style and the fun-loving attitude he brought into even his most pained music. Since his tragic passing in 2018, many fans noticed the deeper themes behind his spunkiest material. While projects like Swimming and Circles certainly wore them on its sleeve, this video shows Mac still finding his voice before looking inward.

Mac Miller’s Resurfaced Bus Freestyle

Regardless, it’s a treat for fans to see. Fans and fellow musicians alike continue to celebrate his legacy, positive impact, and definitive artistic voice. For example, Earl Sweatshirt took to Twitter to express that he misses Mac a couple of months ago. Even with some posthumous releases giving fans new ways to appreciate the artist, his energy and presence feels irreplaceable. Earl’s tweet prompted many to remember some of the collaborators’ best work, as other tribute moments call us back to our favorite Mac moments.

Meanwhile, other artists have spoken on how his vocal struggles with addiction and strides to turn his life around inspired them. Whether it’s French Montana or Demi Lovato, the late 26-year-old touched many hearts in the industry with his experiences. After they resulted in tragedy, his memory and journey became just as crucial to discuss as the issues he was tackling head-on. Check out the freestyle above and let us know your favorite Mac Miller, song, album, or moment in the comments.


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