April 21, 2024

Shawn Kemp Seen Firing Gun On Video Prior To Drive-By-Shooting Arrest


Shawn Kemp is a legend in Seattle. Overall, he was part of those iconic Supersonics teams that also featured Gary Payton. He and Payton combined their talents for an NBA Finals run back in 1996, although they eventually lost to Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Subsequently, following his career, Kemp became a huge advocate for the legalization of cannabis. He has his own cannabis business, and he remains involved in numerous facets of the Seattle sports world. This includes support for the Mariners and the Kraken of the NHL.

Unfortunately, Kemp has been wrapped up in a truly shocking story. On Wednesday night, it was revealed that Kemp had been arrested for a drive-by shooting. According to TMZ, this alleged altercation went down in Tacoma, Washington. Additionally, he was booked on felony drive-by shooting yesterday evening, at the Pierce County Jail. Now, some interesting details about the altercation have hit the internet. In fact, there is a video of the altercation, which was obtained by the outlet. It can be viewed down below.

Shawn Kemp Shooting

In the report, it was revealed that witnesses could hear gunshots in the parking lot of a shopping mall. Consequently, one person decided to pull out a phone and start recording everything. Up above, you can see Kemp walking up to a car where he had a brief exchange. Subsequently, he pulls the trigger and then goes back to his car. From there, he throws his gun in some bushes and then even stops to talk to the police. After taking stock of the situation, police went and recovered Kemp’s gun before arresting him.

The motivations for the incident have also been reported. Allegedly, the person that Kemp was allegedly shooting at had stolen items from him the day before. Kemp was looking to retrieve those items, although things clearly took a turn. At the time of writing this, it appears as though no one was injured in the altercation. This is a shocking and developing story, so stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news and updates from around the sports world. Additionally, let us know what you think of this, in the comments below.


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