April 24, 2024

A Look Into Rick Ross’ Business Ventures


There’s a reason why Rick Ross is known in many circles as “The Biggest Boss”. The Florida rapper has accrued six number one albums on Billboard and is also the CEO of Maybach Music Group, a record label that includes artists such as Meek Mill and Gunplay. Outside of music, Ross has long established himself as a mogul, as his success in many different business ventures has led to a very lucrative life for the boss.


Perhaps Ross’ most well-known business venture is his ownership of supposedly thirty Wingstop locations around the country. Rick Ross is listed as the owner of Boss Wings Enterprises LLC along with his mother and sister. The Boss opened his first Wingstop location over ten years ago. And according to Ross, the restaurants bring him about $7 million a year. Ross also gifted one of his Wingstop locations to his son for his sixteenth birthday.

Checkers and Rally’s

Ross also owns a number of Checkers and Rally’s restaurants. In Ross’ teens, he would save up enough money while working at a car wash to be able to eat at Checkers frequently. Because of this, Ross’ purchase of a Checkers restaurant was something of a lifetime ambition for the rapper. The Boss also purchased the Checkers location across the street from Miami Carol City Senior High School. This was his former school where he played football.

Evander Holyfield’s House for Charity

In 2014, Rick Ross bought boxer Evander Holyfield’s house for $5.8 million. The house has one hundred and nine rooms. It sits on two hundred and thirty five acres of land in Fayetteville County, Georgia. It is reportedly the largest house in the state of Georgia. The house is also equipped with an indoor pool, a movie theatre, an outdoor pool, and an indoor basketball court. Ross decided to use the house for his “In a Big Way” charity, as he stated, “It’s somebody that needs that inspiration. We’re going to open up them doors to these kids from New Orleans, from Atlanta, from Miami and just open their minds a little bit.”


In addition to his own charity, Ross has also collaborated with JetDoc on multiple occasions. JetDoc’s mission is to provide affordable healthcare to millions of Georgians. In 2011, Ross partnered with CEO of JetDoc, Tommy Duncan, to promise $1 million in free medical visits for people in the state of Georgia.

Belaire Rosé & 1800 Tequila

Ross is also a major promoter for Belaire Rosé Champagne, as the boss has his own “Rick Ross Edition” drink. The brand is owned by niaz, a New York-based company named Sovereign Brands. Belaire Rosé bottles can be seen in many of Ross’s music videos as well as videos and photos of himself on social media. The Boss also served as a brand ambassador for the Tequila brand 1800 to promote the 1800 Tequila’s Select Silver.

Rich Hair Care

The Boss also has his own hair care and grooming brand known as “Rich by Rick Ross”. Ross began releasing his beard care products with Rich in 2018 and has since expanded the amount of products he endorses. Rich by Rick Ross has hair care and grooming products for both men and women including moisturizer, pomade cream, conditioner, shampoo, and an assortment of other products.


In September of 2022, Rick Ross partnered with Hempacco to create CBD products. The venture was known as “Hemp Hop Smokables”. In a statement made by Ross himself he said, “I truly believe in the health benefits of hemp-derived products. Having had my own health scares, and through my healing process, I decided I would develop a line of smokables to help others with the benefits of hemp cannabinoids.” Ross has suffered from seizures in the past and was also hospitalized in 2018 with an apparent heart attack.

Future Ventures

“The Biggest Boss” has also recently invested his money in cryptocurrency and NFT’s. He has also published two New York Times best-selling books. He is rumored to own around one hundred and twenty cars. In an interview with Complex in November of 2021, Ross stated that his goal is to get as many people rich as he can. He said that “That’s how big boys do it”. The Boss is also rumored to have his sights set on the Miami Heat. Ross stated in 2021 that his three year plan was to eventually have a stake of ownership in the basketball team’s franchise.

Net Worth

As of February of 2023, Rick Ross’s net worth is estimated at $45 million. Over the past decade the Florida native has worked to establish himself not only as an iconic rapper, but also as a financial mogul. Overall, The Boss has stated in past interviews that he wants to be on the same level financially as businessmen such as Elon Musk.

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