April 12, 2024

Nas EBK Arrested For Second-Degree Murder


Authorities recently arrested Bronx rapper Nas EBK for second-degree murder in relation to a Times Square shooting. Moreover, officials previously arrested the MC on charges of terroristic threats following a YouTube prank video in New Jersey. After that incident, it seems like New York police detectives caught up to investigations into that Times Square shootout, which resulted in one casualty. Furthermore, these allegations are particularly worrisome given current tensions between the city of New York and hip-hop. EBK is part of the drill scene in New York, which at this point has a contentious relationship with government and law enforcement.

While the Bronx rapper released plenty of music in his career so far, it seems like he gets more attention for his antics. However, that hasn’t stopped him from promoting and advocating for himself on social media. For example, he just posted on Instagram regarding this recent arrest. His photo simply has the text:
“INNOCENT!!” Then, he captioned the post with a message for fans. “ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME !!! BE HOME SOON !! FREE DA GUYS !!” In other posts, he teased new music coming soon and said he’ll be out in no time.

Bronx Rapper Nas EBK Arrested For Murder From Alleged Times Square Shooting

However, the rapper is also quite well-known as a YouTuber. In fact, it was his YouTube antics pranking civilians at a Shoprite in New Jersey that led to his last arrest. During a video with fellow content creator Buba100x, they harassed regular people at said Shoprite. When an employee got into an altercation with the pair, EBK pulled out what appeared to be a knife from his pocket. “Walk toward me again and I’ll violate you,” he threatened. Allegedly, he proceeded to kick the worker and quickly exit the store.

This most recent arrest should pose more questions and threats in an already tense musical scene. While many might point a finger of blame at New York drill artists themselves, many ignore the conditions and antagonizing that can exacerbate crime. Even though it’s a tough conversation, it’s clear that drill music as an art form is not to blame for individual actions and systemic circumstances of poverty and violence. Regardless, stick around on HNHH for the latest news and updates on Nas EBK.

Nas EBK’s Instagram Post

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