April 21, 2024

Drake’s NOCTA X Nike Swim Fin Unveiled


Drake and his apparel line with Nike, NOCTA, have unveiled a new spring collection featuring swim fins, inspired by one of the rapper’s favorite vacation destinations, Turks and Caicos. The new NOCTA X Nike drop features a plethora of items including some very stylish swim fins. The official NOCTA Instagram account showed off some of the pieces in a post captioned “Good Times and Tan Lines.” The Spring collection includes a line of ideal tropical island attire. The NOCTA Swim Fin stands out for divers looking for a way to explore the aquatic in style.

The swim fins will come in a black colorway embedded with both the NOCTA and Nike logos respectfully. The heels of the fin don a light blue heel tab marked with “A.W.R” and “C.L.” The swim fins are a nice accessory that adds a level of sophistication to any divers style. In terms of functionality, the swim fins also are made from high-quality materials and are designed to provide maximum propulsion, making the fins a great asset for swimmers. Drake’s NOCTA brand has been making waves in the fashion industry and this new collection adds to the brand’s growing catalog of stylish and functional sportswear.

NOCTA’s Swim Fins Releasing Later This Month

Additionally, the NOCTA collection also features essential tropical vacation apparel including hats, shorts, and casual yet luxurious t-shirts. The color palette of the collection is bold and vibrant, with shades of blue, yellow, and green dominating the collection. The use of color is reminiscent of the tropical island vibe of Turks and Caicos, which serves as the collection’s inspiration.

Overall, Drake’s NOCTA brand has once again delivered a unique and stylish product that caters to both fashion and function. Without question, swim fins are a great addition to the collection’s bold colors, creative marketing, and attention to detail. The collection is sure to appeal to Drake’s fans and streetwear enthusiasts alike. The pieces are currently available at select Turks and Caicos shops. They will be available on the NOCTA website on 3/17 and on Nike and select stores worldwide on 3/22.

The Spring Collection


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