April 24, 2024

Kid Cudi Previews His Memoir On Social Media


Kid Cudi is working on his memoir, as well as a new album. He promises that there will be new stories that he hasn’t told before. He also claims that the memoir and maybe the album might be published next year. However, he still has not confirmed a release window for them.

Last September, Kid Cudi announced that he was going to write a memoir focused on his “troubled boy” beginnings. At the time, he wrote on Twitter “Tellin my story in my own words is scary, but I feel like it needs to be told. I feel like everything will make a lil more sense as to why you all met such a troubled boy in the beginning.” On March 12, he announced that he had finished 4 or 5 chapters of the memoir. He talked about some of the unheard stories in it. These stories include: how he got interested in music and acting, as well as his upbringing. Cudi hopes the book will inspire people to do something great in their lives.

Kid Cudi’s Final Album

The memoir is not the only thing that Kid Cudi has in the works. He is also working on what might be his final album. Cudi is saying that it might be because it is the final album in his deal with Republic Records. He has also stated that he does not know what he is going to do after the deal is up.

At least he is promising that the album is going to be fire. He has already claimed that it might be “Album of the Year“. He is claiming that because he feels like it is his strongest work. Cudi is claiming that it is the most powerful project he has ever made and that the mixes are going to move his audience. Cudi is claiming that all of the songs are going to be new, but he will also make some of the songs into singles to hold his fans over until the album is done. He has announced that the first single from the album is coming in June.

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