April 25, 2024

Are The Lights Still On at DatPiff?



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Despite assurances from the site itself, DatPiff users are bracing for the worst after rumors of a shutdown began circulating on Monday night.

If you were on or around Rap Twitter last night, there’s a good chance you caught something of a memorial service as DatPiff devotees mourned what appeared to be the site’s last breath.

The send-off comprised RIPs, reflections, and in memoriams, affectionally eulogizing the site and its legacy for hosting the bulk of underground and mainstream hip-hop’s mixtape output over the last 18 years. Fans shared their favorite tapes and runs, collectively pouring one out to mark the end of an era. But within just an hour or so of rumors beginning to circulate, the site assured users they’d yet to fold in a statement issued via Twitter. “We’re working through technical issues on our site and app, but still actively update our youtube! Thanks for all the love and concerns but we promise, we are still here,” Datpiff wrote.

Despite the attempt at quelling fears, many users weren’t convinced by the note. A brief glance at the site’s formerly functional frontpage offers all the cause for concern one might need. Images, texts, and players are all failing to load and other parts of the site are delivering errors. Though DatPiff seems to be directing users to its Youtube channel, it’s unlikely users will opt for it over the original database, which has been repeatedly referred to as the “Library of Congress” of 2000s rap over the last 12 hours.

At the time of publishing, most of the errors on the site are still occurring and/or worsening. DatPiff has not indicated when they expect the site to be back up and running, which has left a lot of users wondering whether the lights are actually still on.

You can comb through some of the reactions to the site’s prospective shuttering below.

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