April 24, 2024

Dwayne Johnson Is Disappointed In Henry Cavill’s DC Superman Exit


The ‘who’s who’ crowd in Hollywood gathered together for yet another ceremony this award season, including Dwayne Johnson. His presence is expected; The Rock is one of the most celebrated actors in the industry. The star managed to transfer his success in the wrestling world to the silver screen. Variety had the opportunity to speak with the Black Adam star on the Oscars red carpet, and he was questioned about the controversy over Henry Cavill and DC.

Johnson was also instrumental in having Cavill return to the DC Universe as Superman, potentially ushering in a more permanent return. His look was brief in the film, but Johnson and Co. were hopeful that DC would announce they welcomed Cavill with open arms. Johnson fought tooth and nail for Cavill to be included in the Black Adam production, so it came as a disappointing shock when it was revealed the Superman star was being replaced.

Dwayne Johnson Hoped For Another Outcome

When questioned about the controversy, Johnson chose his words wisely. “You know, all that I can do, and all that we could do when we were making ‘Black Adam,’ was to put our best foot forward,” he said. “And surround ourselves with the best people and deliver the best movie we could. Our audience score was in the 90s. Critics took a couple shots. That’s just the business of it, though.”

He continued: “I think—it’s almost like when you have a pro football team, and your quarterback wins championships. The head coach wins championships, and [then] you have a new owner. The new owner comes in and says, ‘Not my coach, not my quarterback. I’m going to go with somebody new.’” Johnson was asked about the next superhero role he would tackle. He didn’t seem enthusiastic about suiting up to save the world. “I’m good for now,” he answered.

Elsewhere in the interview, the acclaimed actor toyed with the idea of hosting the Academy Awards. The public has petitioned for Johnson to helm the Oscars hosting duties, and it looks as if it’s something Johnson wants to do. However, it has to be the perfect timing. Check out more from Dwayne Johnson above.


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