April 25, 2024

India Royale Puts NBA Youngboy On Blast In Defense Of Lil Durk


It really takes one common enemy to bring two people together, and that person is NBA Youngboy. In the midst of Lil Durk’s attempt to win India Royale back, NBA Youngboy couldn’t help but allegedly comment on their relationship woes. From a non-verified account Akademiks said belonged to YB, the “Right Foot Creep” rapper sympathized with Durk’s position, albeit snarkily. “Lol damn I know how it be when that h*e turn to a demon,” the tweet reads, along with a laughing emoji. 

Afterward, Youngboy reiterated the campaign slogan for his upcoming album, Don’t Try This At Home, writing, “It’s all entertainment. Given Youngboy’s long-standing feud with Lil Durk, India Royale wasn’t about to allow the rapper to disrespect the father of her child, regardless of their current standings. India unleashed a pair of tweets aimed at a subliminal target. “Don’t speak on me bitch. I let you slide the first time,” she wrote. “That’s still my BD. Ion play about him. Y’all can chill. Fr,” she added. At this point, fans largely speculated that she took issue with NBA Youngboy’s comments but she later made it abundantly clear in her subsequent tweets.

India Royale Clashes With NBA Youngboy

“That lil boy need to find somebody to play with. You was just a dirty lil bad kid. You ain’t like that Fr,” India wrote afterward before confirming that she’s “talking about dent head.” India then questioned Youngboy’s street credentials. “Ppl think because they was dirty and in the hood they automatically gang,” she wrote. “You wasn’t toting no guns, you was food deprived.” Evidently, Royale wasn’t necessarily interested in allowing NBA Youngboy to continue taking shots at her.

“Don’t be dense. If he wasn’t talking about me this time he was the last time,” India commented on Instagram. “TF Ima real Chicago b*tch. Y’all don’t lost it.” It seems as though YB found the interaction rather amusing as he shared a screenshot of “DentHead” on Apple Music. “[crying laughing emoji] b*tch I know 1 thing you ain’t gone muthaf*cking play with me,” he tweeted with the picture. Check out India Royale’s comments above. 

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