April 25, 2024

Millie Bobby Brown Speaks On Wanting “Stranger Things” To End


The sci-fi series, Stranger Things which first aired in 2016 has undoubtedly captured viewers’ attention. The Netflix show has proven to be the next screen buzz ferrying viewers through its seasons with suspense sprinkled in between. Preparations for the fifth season will have casts visit Indiana one time again for what will be the last shooting.

Fans have begun looking forward to the show’s final comeback as speculations grace different social platforms. The series, created by the Duffer Brothers, is set in the 80s and will have cameras rolling again in June. It’s praised for its plot and impressive production, as well as the effortless blending of established and emerging actors, which we see throughout many episodes. The Stranger Things writing team did show teasers on their Twitter handle, speculating the beginning of what’ll be the last.

Millie Bobby Brown Speaks

Actress Millie Bobby Brown expressed her readiness to close the curtains on the Netflix show. The 19-year-old thespian bared her thoughts in a discussion with Seventeen, expressing her readiness “to say goodbye” after 7 years. The human services college student combines study and screen life beautifully and has experienced her teenage years on the show. Moreover, Stranger Things season 4, which premiered in 2022, saw the appearance and disappearance of some viewers’ delight. Will Eddie Munson return to the show? After sacrificing his life to save Dustin and others, the daring character was cut out of the Netflix series – an event that fans have not taken very likely.

This weekend, @StrangerNews11 on Twitter alleged that Eddie Munson will return and more fans are trying to resurrect Eddie back. In the thread, fans joggle the possibilities of the character’s comeback. With a headshot of Eddie emerging from the fiery underworld, the caption says “EDDIE WILL BE BACK.” Although the show producer, Shawn Levy, didn’t clarify Eddie’s return to the final season, he acknowledged fans’ attachment to him. A few have commented that hurling the plot out the window to resurrect a viewers’ choice isn’t so reasonable but they still await a miraculous twist. What do you think about Eddie Munson’s return to the last season? Feel free to share your thoughts below.


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