April 24, 2024

Patrick Beverley Blames Music For The Ja Morant Situation


Patrick Beverley is one of the latest players to get their very own podcast. Beverley has had his podcast on Barstool Sports since the beginning of the season, and overall, it has been a decent success. Beverley is known for being one of the more entertaining players in the league, so a podcast just makes sense for him. Moreover, he is a polarizing figure, which means both fans and haters are always going to tune in. For Dave Portnoy, hiring Beverley was a no-brainer.

One of the biggest topics in the NBA right now involves none other than Ja Morant. Of course, Beverley has been tasked with speaking on this issue. Although he has never played with Morant, he can still speak to the situation. He has been around the NBA for over a decade, and he has some strong opinions on what could be going on here. During the latest episode of the Barstool Rundown, Beverley blamed the Morant situation on music.

Patrick Beverley Weighs In

“I think music has a lot to do with this now,” Beverley said. “… The culture now is ‘shoot them up, bang, bang, shoot them up, bend you over, I got this amount of money, I’m on private jets, that that that.’ That’s what the younger generation is. Sadly to say it shouldn’t be based on our music, but it is mostly based on what we listen to and that’s how it is.” Overall, this is a controversial statement to make. Blaming hip-hop for violence is a playbook that has been used since the 90s. However, many would disagree with the premise entirely. Regardless, that did not stop Beverley from voicing his opinion.

At this point, there really is no point trying to blame the Morant situation on one particular facet of life and culture. Now, Morant is getting help, and that is all that should matter. While his actions were clearly wrong, the only thing he can do now is rehabilitating himself and change for the better. Let us know what you think of Beverley’s comments, in the comments below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news and updates from the sports world.

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