April 25, 2024

DJ Quik Thought Michael Jackson Didn’t Like Him


DJ Quik is a renowned American rapper and record producer. The artist grew up in a musical family and started his career in the late 1980s as a DJ before releasing his own music in 1991. His initial album became a commercial success. As a result, DJ Quik, whose real name is David Marvin Blake, has crossed paths with many of the big stars of the 90s. In a recent episode of All The Smoke, a podcast, Quik reveals that he had multiple encounters with the late music sensation Michael Jackson.

One of the most famous singers of all time, Michael Jackson had a wildly successful career. He had been in the Jackson 5 as a child before moving into his solo career. At the height of his career, everyone was dying to meet and work with the singer. In the 1990s, DJ Quik got to live everyone’s dream, but it didn’t go how he thought it might. While working on a single, Quik was renting out a studio that Michael Jackson frequented. One day, Jackson’s team gave everyone in the studio an odd set of instructions. Everyone was to turn away and face the wall so Michael would not be seen.

DJ Quik Talks Michael Jackson

The first encounter occurred in 1991 while DJ Quik was recording his single “Tonite.” His crew was taking a break when Jackson’s team came through to request that people turn their attention elsewhere. “They didn’t ask us to leave,” Quik states in the podcast. “They just asked us to turn around, and face the wall.” He reiterates how bizarre the whole ordeal was. “It was weird as s***, you know, like police s***.” Of course, while turned around, Quik couldn’t help himself from sneaking a peak at the legendary musician.

But the next time Quik saw Michael, the experience was a lot more chill. Michael had booked Quik’s studio this time, and perhaps the pop star felt more at ease in someone else’s environment. “There was another one where he booked our studio,” the rapper goes on to explain. “I think he was more cool then.” Although at this time, Jackson still did not speak to DJ Quik directly. The experience left Quik thinking that the musician simply did not want to associate with him. To hear more stories regarding celebrity encounters with Michael Jackson, stay tuned.

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