April 25, 2024

Kevin Durant Predicts Where Bronny James Jr. Will Go To College


Kevin Durant is one of the best basketball players in the entire world. Having said that, there is no doubt that he can be seen as an authority figure in the game. Overall, he is someone who has a ton of great insights into the game. Although some fans may dislike him, there is no doubt that he deserves his respect. When something compels KD, he talks about it. Moreover, he has plenty of platforms to do so, including his podcast called The ETCs.

During the most recent episode of the podcast, KD got to talk about Bronny James Jr. The oldest son of his rival, LeBron, is currently done high school and is looking to make a decision on his future. He could either go to college, or he could go to the G-League. Furthermore, there are other options available to Bronny, such as playing professional ball overseas. KD, however, would much rather see Bronny go the college route.

Kevin Durant Delivers Praise

In the clip up above, Durant noted that he thinks it would be much more fun to see Bronny in the NCAA. This way, he wouldn’t get lost for an entire year. His progress could be viewed in real-time. Additionally, Durant is convinced that Bronny is probably going to go to USC as it is the closest school to Los Angeles. As for Bronny’s talents, Kevin Durant is most certainly impressed. “I’ve seen Bronny laying the ball up a couple years ago, now I see him taking off everywhere,” KD said. “His body developed. I feel like we’ve been watching him since he was two, three years old, you know what I’m saying? So to see where he is now, I’m rooting for him. Hopefully, he gets to play with Bron at some point.”

As it stands, there is no timetable for Bronny’s decision. He is taking his time, and we’re sure LeBron is helping him make the right choice. Overall, his decision will be heavily publicized and there will be lots of fanfare around it. After all, Bronny could be a lottery pick next year. Stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news and updates from around the sports world.

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