December 6, 2023

50 Cent Facing Mediation In Lawsuit From Former Drug Kingpin Over “Power” For $1 Billion


When art gets a little too close to reality for comfort, people often try to take back control of their story from the entertainment business. That’s what happened to 50 Cent, who faces a $1 billion lawsuit from a former drug kingpin alleging that 50’s show Power is based on his life. Moreover, this news broke back in 2021, which means they’ve had years to discuss it behind the scenes. However, given a mediation conference scheduled for May, it seems like the legal action could finally manifest into a case. Still, it seems like it’ll be a tough case to beat for Corey “Ghost” Holland Sr. given the timeframe.

Furthermore, 50’s legal team maintains that the one-year statute of limitations in New York law makes the suit invalid. The show wrapped up in February of 2020, whereas Holland’s lawsuit came in April of 2021. Also, they contend that the show is entirely fictional and no rational person could assume that it’s based on Holland’s life. Regardless, his lawsuit took aim at the Queens rapper, the STARZ network, and series creator Courtney Kemp.

50 Cent Anticipates Mediation Over $1 Billion Power Lawsuit

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – JANUARY 05: Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson attends the red carpet premiere of Starz “BMF” Season 2 at TCL Chinese Theatre on January 05, 2023 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images)

What’s more is that court documents indicate that Holland sent a copy of his Blasphemy CD to Kemp’s father in 2007. He claims that they used this tape for inspiration, especially a track about his experiences as a drug dealer. Not only that, but he believes the seven acts in his CD mirror the seven season of Power and the first two seasons of its spinoff, Power Book II: Ghost. In addition, he claimed that 50 Cent showed up at his home shortly after the suit was filed to confront and instigate a fight between them.

Meanwhile, Fif’s legal team never replied to Holland’s sanction requests over the visit, and the court ordered them to try to work things out. Moreover, the upcoming mediation in May could be the first time they meet, as 50’s alleged visit went awry. Given the massive price tag attached to the suit and the rapper’s magnanimous public profile, perhaps it would be in their best interests to reach an agreement instead of provoke a firestorm in court. Regardless, come back to HNHH for updates on this story and the latest on 50 Cent.


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