April 12, 2024

Nick Cannon Calls Mariah Carey A “Gift From God”


It’s always curious and often heartwarming to hear this father of 12 talk about his controversial, yet clearly loving relationships. Recently, Nick Cannon called his ex wife Mariah Carey “a gift from God” during an interview with The Shade Room. In fact, it’s the same interview where he spoke about seeing a future with his other partners and his children. While they may seem like opposite statements, he’d probably gush about each of his six baby mamas the same if given the chance. Still, that first love was something special for him, which he spoke earnestly about.

Moreover, the interviewer asked about whether he still considers Carey the love of his life. “Like the greatest? I mean, I always talk about that,” the Wild ‘N Out alum began. “Then it goes viral and our fans get mad at me. But I was 12 years old with Mariah Carey pictures on my wall and that becomes my wife. And the fact that she’s the coolest person I ever met.

Mariah Carey Is A Gift From God, Says Nick Cannon

“I get a lot of this delightful disposition from her,” he continued. “She’s just always happy, always doing for others. No matter what’s happening in life. I’m like, ‘Wow, a person can really operate like that and don’t allow negative energy into they space.’ When I found that out about how remarkable she was, that woman is not human. She’s a gift from God.” Elsewhere in the interview, he also reflected on having a lot of people in his life that he wants to keep around. Also, he clarified that he doesn’t necessarily see exclusivity, as he loves all of his partners dearly and wants to help them with their children as well.

Meanwhile, he recently and comically responded to jabs that Jimmy Kimmel threw at him during the Oscars. To be fair, they were lighthearted jokes about the number of kids he has, so there wasn’t much reason to take things personally. After all, he’s known to make plenty of cheeky comments about it himself. If you’re interested in more from the Masked Singer host, check out the Shade Room interview here and our own conversation with him here. Also, stick around on HNHH for the latest news and updates on Nick Cannon.

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