June 21, 2024

Rick Ross’ Buffaloes Roam Around In Angered Neighbor’s Yard


Rick Ross is making one of his neighbors quite angry, all because he apparently can’t rein in his massive buffaloes. Moreover, his pets often wander into a woman’s yard, who lives on land behind the rapper’s compound in Fayetteville, Georgia. Furthermore, she told TMZ that the two animals in question appeared on her property twice this week, and she’s scared because her kids often play outside. After all, a 2,000-pound beast might pose a danger to small children. For what it’s worth, Ross still hasn’t responded to any of these claims, though it’s unlikely he would in the first place. Hopefully, he still reaches out to his neighbors to address the issue.

Still, it’s one of many lavish elements of the “Hustlin’” MC’s lifestyle, especially when it comes to his home. For example, he recently showed off $5 million porcelain floors as an upgrade to his residence. “I’mma do this over 55,000 square feet, 5 million,” he said on Instagram as he showed off the glossy material. The biggest, you heard me? I’mma be doin’ a moonwalk on you n***as.”

Rick Ross’ Buffaloes Intrude On Neighbor’s Yard

However, when that lavish lifestyle is messing up your yard, it’s understandable that you’d want a bit more supervision. Moreover, the neighbor captured various snapshots of the buffaloes roaming around the yard, as well as pictures of how it got busted up in the process. In addition, she said she went to Ross’ crib to confront him about his pets, but got in a verbal altercation with someone from his team. Maybe he hasn’t reached out to his neighbors at all.

Following that, the neighbor now wants to file a neighbor dispute with the city after unsuccessful attempts to call the police, who told her they can’t handle civil disputes. For now, it seems that the 47-year-old will still be able to let his buffaloes, horses, and bull roam free. Whether it’s new music or new upgrades to his lifestyle, hopefully his next venture doesn’t tread on those around him. Regardless, stick around on HNHH for the latest news and updates on Rick Ross.


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