April 1, 2023

San Francisco Considers Giving $5 Million Per Eligible Black Resident As Reparations

San Francisco has heard the pleas of their people. Now, they’re seriously considering giving out reparations to the Black community. They have not determined exactly what will be done to atone for the years of trauma related to slavery and systemic racism. However, there have been over a hundred suggestions on how the matter should be handled. Some of the ideas presented so far include $5 million for every eligible Black adult, and a $97,000 income for the next 250 years. Elsewhere, others hope to see $1 homes for sale in the city.

On March 14, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors had a meeting to hear another report on the matter. The city-appointed reparations committee put together a presentation with their thoughts and suggestions, hoping to find a solution that works for everyone involved and affected. The task force was created a couple years ago, during the George Floyd protests. According to TMZ, the board was very pleased with what they heard and were supportive of all of the ideas suggested. The only Black member, Shamann Walton, promised that this package will be included in future city budgets. The committee report, with the finalized plans, is expected to arrive in June.

Not Everyone is Happy with Financial Reparations

Not everyone is on board with this, however. Racists, who take issue with giving money to people who didn’t personally endure slavery, as well as those who claim the monstrosities never took place in California, are among those speaking out. In addition, there are also people commenting on the fact that San Francisco does not have a very large Black community – less than 50,000. In addition, critics are concerned about how many will be able to qualify for the reparations.

The San Francisco branch of the NAACP has their reservations as well. They would prefer if the money was instead put towards infrastructure such as education and healthcare. It’s worth noting that only the local chapter is expressing these views. The National NAACP put out a statement in 2019 that they are in favor of financial reparations. Do you think that the California city is moving in the right direction regarding reparations? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more news updates.


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