April 21, 2024

Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin Could Make A Return One Day, “That’s A Great Role,” Actor Says


No one loves the Green Goblin more than Willem Dafoe. In an interview with Inverse, he went on record stating that he would be down to star as the beloved villain for a third time. The actor was mostly speaking with the outlet to promote the new thriller film he is starring in. Titled Inside, his newest project centers around an art thief who becomes trapped inside a penthouse. Of course, the topic eventually landed on his time on the Spider-Man set.

2002 is the first time that Dafoe brought the character to life for superhero movie lovers. Apart from showing his acting chops, the role sparked an ongoing meme trend that is still relevant (and hilarious) to this day. Almost 20 years later, the 67-year-old revised his role as the green menace in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Although less meme material was involved, fans were still thrilled to see their favorite bad guy back in action. Still, few were more thrilled than the performer himself.

Willem Dafoe Lives For The Complexity Of The Green Goblin

According to Dafoe, the Green Goblin – or Norman Osborne’s complexity is why he enjoys taking on the complicated character so much. There is a famous Jekyll-and-Hyde approach to the role that sparked the interest of fans and actors alike. When asked if he would be willing to reprise the role, the Wisconsin native answered, “If everything was right, sure. I mean that’s a great role. I like the fact that it’s a double role, both times.” While the possibility of a third on-screen appearance is unlikely, it’s not impossible. As fans know, the Marvel Universe leaves a lot of room for new stories and developments to brew.

Since his first rendition of the famous villain, Willem Dafoe has expanded his portfolio significantly. The films he’s starred in have varied in genre and tone, however, it’s apparent he has a knack for portraying evil and bizarre characters. Aside from the Green Goblin, one of his best-known performances takes place in The Lighthouse. His latest project, Inside, came out on March 17th, and audiences are already raving about his work. Stay tuned for more pop culture and movie news updates.


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