June 23, 2024

Billie Eilish Shows Off Morbid Makeup From BTS Of “Swarm”


Billie Eilish has all of the makings to be a horror actress. Since the start of her career at the tender age of 13, she has always had a darker style. It’s no surprise to anyone that Billie has taken the opportunity to work on the new horror TV show Swarm. Created by Donald Glover, Swarm is a 7-part series available on Prime Video since March 17th. Eilish surprised everyone when she stepped on screen in the fourth episode, debuting her acting career.

The Grammy award-winner has been relatively tight-lipped about her involvement in the show until recently. And despite being best known for her music, not a lot of people know that she has dabbled in acting prior to Swarm. Billie Eilish voice acted background dialogue for X-Men, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Ramona and Beezus. However, the news of Donald Glover and Billie Eilish has sparked a flurry of excitement among fans. To further fan the flames of excitement, Billie has recently shared Instagram selfies of her morbid makeup from the show.

Billie Eilish Is In Her Element On The Set Of “Swarm”

Her caption is one of love and endearment to the crew (and her coworkers) of Swarm. The pictures speak a thousand words. In the selfies Billie can be seen hugging her peers and generally having a blast. Apart from the happy memories, she also shows off her gruesome makeup form the show. Of course, the bloody makeup looks natural on Billie’s deadpan face. The singer-turned-actress delivers a stunning performance of a cult leader that leaves fans hoping for more on-screen appearances.

Billie Eilish has had a lot on her plate recently. From performing on stage, turning 21, and doing brand deals for several big name companies. Her role in Swarm caught the attention audiences and peers alike. Artists are swooning for her character, “Eva,” and Donald Glover’s creativity. At this moment, there is no telling if Billie has any upcoming TV shows or movies. But due to Billie’s extremely successful career, it is likely that fans can expect to see more of her in the future on screen. Check back in to catch any updates about her future projects.


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