April 12, 2024

Jason Lee Recounts Meeting Beyoncé at Roc Nation Brunch: Watch


While he doesn’t sing, dance, or act himself, Jason Lee has interviewed no shortage of talented celebrities over the years. He recently began his own REVOLT podcast. So far, he’s spoken with guests like Blueface and Chrisean Rock as well as Blac Chyna. He obviously stays booked and busy with his own commitments, but that doesn’t mean the Hollywood Unlocked CEO doesn’t have time to make guest appearances on other shows.

Most recently, the 43-year-old stopped by The Breakfast Club to chat with DJ Envy and Charlamagne. During their discussion, Lee brought up the time he met Beyoncé at Roc Nation Brunch – a moment that was previously caught on camera and has resulted in long-standing rumours that the mother of three was attempting to avoid the gossip blogger at her husband’s annual event. “I’m a huge Beyoncé fan,” he told the hosts. “I’m a fanatic.”

Did Beyoncé Avoid Meeting Jason Lee?

As the story goes, Lee was with his friend Umar, who owns fast-fashion brand Pretty Little Thing, at the party, though he wanted to leave around 4 PM. “I was walking out with him, and when I got to the exit to get in the car, I saw Julius, Beyoncé’s security,” he recalled. Thanks to basic deduction, the media personality realized that the RENAISSANCE hitmaker had to be in the area, and he decided to head back inside in hopes of catching her. Apparently, Lee saw Bey looking his way, whispering the name of his media brand to her team.

“I knew she knew who I was, so I ran around like a kid to the other side to try to catch her and get a photo with her,” Lee went on to explain. At the time, he asked his pal, Indian Teddy Bear, to film the interaction, which explains the awkward footage that subsequently went viral. However, according to the CEO, the clip actually went through edits by another artist’s fanbase to make it appear as though Beyoncé was avoiding him. While he insists that wasn’t the case, others online aren’t so confident. “Nahhh she was dodging son, this harassment 😂😂😂😂😂,” one person wrote in @2cool2bl0g’s comment section. See Jason Lee’s interaction with the vocalist at Roc Nation Brunch above, and check back later for more pop culture news updates.


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