April 25, 2024

JaVale McGee Comes Face-To-Face With The “Bill Clinton Kid”


JaVale McGee is one of those NBA stars that has been treated a bit unfairly over the years. There was a time when he was consistently being clowned by Shaq. Moreover, there was this sense that he has a low basketball IQ. That said, McGee is in the NBA after all of these years, which has to count for something. Additionally, he has won championships with the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors. This just goes to show that he can contribute to some of the top teams in the entire NBA.

McGee has a distinct look and is someone who is fairly easy to recognize. That said, it should come as no surprise that McGee will have interactions with fans at random events he goes to. However, no one could have prepared him for what would happen over the weekend at a soccer game. In the video down below, McGee could be seen talking about this random dude who was filming him. When he flips the camera, you see the young man filming him without any second thought. The kid is keeping the camera on McGee to the point where it is very uncomfortable.

JaVale McGee & The Random Encounter

For those who do not know, this kid is everywhere, and it’s gotten to the point where he has become the human equivalent of a random encounter in an RPG. Basically, this dude is known as the “Bill Clinton Kid.” Overall, the reasoning for this is quite simple. During this year’s Video Game Awards, he ended up on stage during the speeches for Game Of The Year. He snuck onto the mic and said that he wanted to give a shoutout to his “orthodox rabbi Bill Clinton.” It wasn’t that funny, but somehow, the kid has managed to find his way onto various podcasts. Moreover, he is always at the most random events where he can be found griefing various celebrities.

His whole schtick is actually quite annoying. If you thought the clout era of the internet was dwindling down, this man will certainly make you change your mind. As for JaVale McGee, well, he handled the situation to the best of his ability. For all of you folks out there, this is a PSA. If you see the Bill Clinton Kid in public, either run, or don’t engage.

Bill Clinton Kid Origin Story

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