June 1, 2023

Shannon Sharpe Hilariously Reacts To Larsa Pippens’ Bizarre Revelation


Shannon Sharpe is easily one of the funniest men on television. In the realm of sports talk TV, Sharpe is easily a cut above the rest. Although not everyone agrees with his commentary, there is no denying that he is very fun to listen to. Whenever he sits across from Skip Bayless, the sparks are flying, and it makes for truly amazing TV. That said, Sharpe also has a considerable presence on social media. Overall, he saves Instagram for all of his sneakers and his outfit checks. Subsequently, his Twitter is where he can interact with fans and crack a few jokes on occasion.

Recently, Sharpe and the rest of Twitter were given plenty of material to work with. This was because of an interview Larsa Pippen did with Andy Cohen. Throughout the interview, Pippen made various revelations about her relationship with Marcus Jordan. Moreover, she also spoke a bit about her love life with Scottie Pippen. This is where she revealed that she would have sex with Pippen four times per night, for 23 years. She claimed that they never skipped a day, although this truly seems impossible.

Shannon Sharpe Speaks

Sharpe could not miss an opportunity to make some jokes here. Above, you can see that he took to Twitter to say “That’s why Pip was plagued with back problems during his career. My bck hurts from reading this.” It was a pretty funny comment that fans couldn’t help but agree with. However, it is interesting to consider the logistics of what Pippen said. Scottie was on the road quite a bit throughout his career, and Larsa wasn’t always with him. Additionally, it just feels like there is some serious cap going on.

In Pippen’s interview, she made mention of the fact that if she were to marry Marcus Jordan, she would change her last name to Jordan. This was a wild thing to say when you consider how Scottie and Michael have beef. At this point, it feels like we are seeing some sort of forbidden warfare play out in real-time. Let us know what you think of all this, in the comments below.

Larsa’s OG Comments

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