April 25, 2024

Blueface Asks Men To Stop Sending Him Nudes


It’s always great to get love from fans online, although sometimes for celebrities, it can be a little too much. Blueface just took to Twitter to ask his presumably male fans to stop sending him nudes and explicit photos. Moreover, the Cali MC had tweeted that his hands are “bisexual.” Of course, he probably meant that he’s willing and able to throw hands with both sexes, as evidenced through his fights with on-and-off girlfriend Chrisean Rock. However, whether to troll him or from genuine interest, it seems like he got a lot of hopefuls sending him intimate pictures in his Twitter DMs.

“Ever since i tweeted my hands bisexual its been a lot of LGBTQ shit going on in my DM. That’s not what I meant cuz,” he tweeted. “Please stop sending me gay s**t. I respect the LGBTQ community y’all went from a minority to majority thats a hell of a accomplishment. You welcome to love who ever you want but don’t bring dat over here please respectfully.

Blueface Asks For No More Nudes Or Explicit Photos

“I go to click on a picture in my dm an you know how on Twitter it don’t show you the picture till you click on it,” he continued. “It’s a whole n***a on there spreading his a** open cuz. Like wtf is this that’s sexual harassment I ain’t sign up for this you can’t even dm me on here no more.” While it’s quite the comical situation, the context for his original tweet might be less jokingly received by many. After all, his controversial relationship with Rock is as scolded as it is shared online, which people have their own issues with.

Still, a lot of their big fights concerning Chrisean’s pregnancy and other large topics seem to have matched back up with the typical relationship fare. For example, the two recently scolded each other over laundry, with Blue calling Chrisean out for not doing it. Many of their biggest fights and confrontations come paired with some more low-key and normal fare. With that, maybe some critics might be exaggerating a little too much. However, one thing’s for sure: both are probably going to have to phrase their tweets more carefully. Regardless, check out his full tweets down below and return to HNHH for the latest news and updates on Blueface.

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