April 21, 2024

Doja Cat Gets Boob Job, Lipo, “And [Her] Cl*t Bedazzled”


Near the end of February, after a string of unsurprisingly odd tweets, Doja Cat suddenly stopped posting on Twitter, leaving fans without her usual antics. This time last month, the Californian was posting about having someone come over to “f*ck [her] foot,” which left some threatening to unfollow her. On Monday (March 21), she returned to the platform, offering the world a few updates on what’s been happening in her life since we last heard from her. “Got my t*tties done and my cl*t bedazzled,” Doja wrote yesterday morning.

Since she uploaded the comedic tweet, the replies have filled with people attempting to match Doja’s energy, as well as obviously thirsty users begging to see what her new body looks like. “And your bootyhole shined,” someone in the former category wrote upon seeing the “Say So” singer’s post. “Pics or it didn’t happen,” another person, certainly in the latter group, responded to her big news.

Doja Cat Gives Twitter a Few Life Updates

In her usual fashion, Doja didn’t hold back on cracking a few jokes while answering questions from curious fans. “How are you feeling?” one person asked. “Four days into recovery rn,” she wrote back. “Feels ok. I got lipo so my thighs hurt a lot if I move too much, but I’m healing really fast.” Obviously, this was her most honest answer, but less than a minute later she described her pain level as “more Illuminati than Illuminati.”

Elsewhere in the Twitter Q&A, the Grammy Award-winner confirmed that the results of her breast augmentation have left her with a cup size of 32C, which she says is smaller than the one she wore before. Doja Cat also took the time to clear up some misconceptions unfolding in her replies, explaining the difference between lipo and fat transfer to those who were uneducated. While she’s still in recovery for now, it’s likely that we’ll only continue to see more neck-breaking thirst traps from DC in the coming months, and hopefully a follow-up to her Planet Her album as well. Keep scrolling to see social media’s reaction to the recording artist’s boob job announcement, and check back later for more pop culture news updates.

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