April 25, 2024

Jake Paul & KSI Trade Shots As Fans Pray For Grudge Match


Jake Paul is fresh off of a loss against Tommy Fury, and he is now figuring out what to do next. Mostly, there have been rumors that he will just fight Fury again in July. However, there are other fans out there who would rather see him fight someone new. Overall, there are plenty of people he could go up against. This includes the likes of KSI who is also a YouTuber who has ventured into boxing. In fact, these two have been teasing a fight against each other for a while, but nothing has actually ever materialized.

Recently, the two ended up engaged in a brief spat. This was all due to KSI’s string of tweets against combat sports reporter Wade Plem. In the now-deleted tweets, KSI went off on the reporter, claiming that he plays both sides and that he doesn’t know anything about boxing. Consequently, KSI got the attention of Jake Paul, who took to Twitter with some words for KSI. “Such insecure clowns. Wade is quality. Plays it down the middle,” Paul said. “Says things about me I don’t like, but that just means he’s keeping his opinions real. Now back to my vacation.” Immediately after this tweet, KSI and Jake trade a few “this you’s.”

Jake Paul Vs. KSI

In the first tweet from KSI, you can see him post a screenshot of Paul saying that anyone who plays both sides is a bad person. Overall, it was a pretty good gotcha. However, Paul came right back with a reminder of the things KSI said about Plem. “This you?….talking about a REPORTER that worked DAZN shows? You are regressing maturity wise,” Paul wrote. “You remind me of me when I was 19, but you about to be 30. Apologize to Wade and fire the unprofessional manager.”

At this point, it is very obvious the distaste these two have for one another. That said, it should be noted that a lot of boxing rivalries are manufactured for the Pay-Per-View sales. We cannot forget that KSI is in business with Logan Paul through Prime, which is a sports drink company. Let us know what you think of all of this, in the comments below.

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