April 25, 2024

Rubi Rose Changes Twitter Avi Amid Backlash Over Ramadan Tweet


Rubi Rose found herself in hot water on Monday night as fans questioned her tweet about Ramadan. In a few days, Muslims across the world will observe Ramadan, a month designed for spiritual reflection and devotion through prayer, fasting from dawn to sunset, community, and abstaining from anything considered impure for the body, mind, and soul. As Muslims in the U.S. prepare for the Holy Month to begin on March 22nd and end on April 20th, Rubi Rose tweeted, “Ready For Ramadan.” 

Though she hasn’t necessarily delved into her faith publicly, fans dug up a tweet where Rubi Rose previously implied that she practices Christianity. This alone prompted many folks on Twitter to criticize her tweet regarding Ramadan. However, it seems that the criticism surrounding her provocative photos is what actually caught her attention. One person wrote, “U bent over covering ya poom poom in ya profile pic , talm bout ready for Ramadan.” The tweet seemingly landed on Rubi’s radar, and eventually, she made some changes to her Twitter profile picture. 

Rubi Rose Changes Twitter Avi During Ramadan

Ultimately, Rubi Rose — who’s romantically linked to French Montana — responded to the backlash to her tweet about Ramadan, as well as her thirst traps and supposed Christian background. First, she retweeted something from JT’s Twitter page, which read, “I love learning the hard way ima touch the stove every time!” Shortly after, Rose changed her profile picture to a red circle before sharing a photo of herself in a hijab.

The response to the photo was largely positive, though there were still an abundance of people who called on her to delete her inappropriate pictures from Instagram. Even with that criticism, others offered Rubi Rose encouragement ahead of Ramadan. “Ramadan is a soul cleanse that all humanity needs. Yall hatin when this is the month that changes people. Were all sinners. May Allah forgive us all and make it easier for us and give us guidance and taqwa,” one user wrote. She took to Twitter where she wrote, “Twitter & Ig really two different places lol.” Check out Rubi’s photo above and peep at a few responses below. 


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