April 25, 2024

Charlamagne Tha God Says 6ix9ine Attack Was Only “a Matter Of Time”


Just about everyone has something to say about Tekashi 6ix9ine today (March 22). The rainbow-haired rapper has been a controversial figure in Hip Hop since he first emerged on the scene. 6ix9ine has used trolling tactics to gain popularity, often roping his Rap peers into social media beefs. His court case also thrust him into infamy after he cooperated with federal authorities against his former gang associates. Instead of avoiding criticism, Tekashi was released from prison and faced It head-on. There were concerns about his safety, but he only taunted the masses about being outside without security. Things caught up with him.

In videos circulating online, 6ix9ine is seen on the floor of an L.A. Fitness restroom being attacked. There were at least two assailants, and one stomped the rapper in the ribs. It looked like 6ix9ine was also kicked or punched in the face. TMZ shared a photo of the rapper in the hospital being treated for his injuries. He hasn’t spoken on the assault, but Charlamagne Tha God has a bit to say on The Breakfast Club.

6ix9ine Antagonized The Public & His Peers

The radio station touched on Tekashi’s beatdown and even played a clip from his previous interview with The Breakfast Club. In it, 6ix9ine boasted about talking recklessly because he knew that no one could touch him. “I mean, you can’t escape the energy you put out there,” Charlamagne stated about the recent altercation. “You just can’t. You get what you ask for ’cause you been asking for it. You’ve been taunting people for years, telling people to come see you, SMD, inviting that violence to happen to you. Eventually, it will. Nobody is exempt. With security or without security, if you are a person who invites violence into your life, if you online saying what you gon’ do to people when you see them, are in interviews saying that. I guarantee you it’s just a matter of time.”

Although Charlamagne believes this event was expected due to 6ix9ine’s behavior, he doesn’t see it as an opportunity to poke fun. “I see a lot of people laughing, but this isn’t a time to laugh. This is a time to learn,” he said. “I even think about it—as reckless as I’ve been over the years, I’ve never invited violence into my life. I’ve never threatened to beat up an artist. Never told an artist come see me, not that I remember. But I still got punched in the face. I still had people attempt to run down on me in the streets.

Advice From Tha God

Before concluding, Charlamagne delivered some advice to artists. “I would advise a lot of y’all out there, don’t laugh at 6ix9ine, learn from 6ix9ine. ‘Cause a lot of y’all out here are making the same mistakes yourself and gonna meet the same fate.” Watch the Rumor Report on The Breakfast club above.

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