April 24, 2024

Latto Accused Of Shading Ice Spice, She Claps Back


Her critics never take a day off, and Latto is once again defending herself online. The 777 hitmaker is enjoying life as “Big Energy” continues to sit on the charts, but with success comes naysayers. Latto’s social media clap backs are well documented, and she added another to the list after she was accused of trying to subtly shade Ice Spice. The “Munch” rapper is a newcomer in the femcee arena, and as usual, fans are attempting to create a divide. This latest spat had to do with Latto reposting her birthday upload from 2020. It was then that she showed off her new Corvette while bending over in front of the luxury vehicle.

It seemed innocent enough, but people noticed the pose looked familiar. Ice Spice used a drawing of herself in a similar position for the cover of her Like…? EP, and social media users accused Latto of aiming her peer. It was attention that she didn’t appreciate. “I don’t like how y’all take my tweets & make them fit ur weak ass narratives,” she wrote in response. A user told her that she was the person who created the narrative. Latto replied, “Every time y’all accuse me of copying folks ima clear it up. Nun mo nun less.💋.”

Latto Wants Critics To Back Off

After her response circulated, Latto returned to her Instagram Story. In three slides, she shared three selfies. Over the images, she wrote, “LEAVE. ME. ALONE.” Fanbases have been called out for how they pit artists against each other, especially women. A standard narrative is that it’s challenging to get women in the Rap game to get along, but the camaraderie among femcees has been etched in Hip Hop since its inception. Additionally, Latto was seen alongside Yung Miami filming a music video with Lola Brooke earlier this week. It looked like the trio was working on the visual to a remix of Brooke’s “Don’t Play With It” hit.

Meanwhile, Latto has been taking extra hits online due to her previous fallout with Nicki Minaj. The ladies went to verbal war on Twitter during the time when the Grammy nominations were announced. Minaj took issue with her potential placement in the Pop category, and Latto’s name was quickly added to the conversation. The latter has made it clear throughout her career that she idolized Minaj, but this unfortunate moment shifted things. Check out Latto’s tweets above.

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