April 25, 2024

Logic Frolicks Shirtless In Visual To Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s “Weed Song” Cover


He isn’t letting a little backlash get to him, so Logic returns with another cover. It’s not uncommon for artists to share their renditions of their peers’ songs, but Logic has faced pushback. This week, the DMV is back with another cover, this time highlighting Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. He tackled the iconic Hip Hop group’s “Weed Song” from their 2000 album, BTNHResurrection. Much like his cover of Ice Cube’s “It Was A Good Day,” this one arrived with a visual. However, the video was much different, as Logic gives a look into his home life—kind of—and is even seen frolicking in his boxers, shirtless.

It also looks as if he’s not taking his critics too seriously. It’s unclear what has prompted the award-winner’s desire to cover classics, but it has caused a bit of a stir. Although Cube and his son O’Shea Jackson Jr. didn’t seem to mind the nod, Hip Hop fans unleashed on social media. Logic isn’t a stranger to facing off with critics, but this wave was especially intense. Soon, he was earning the attention of Joe Budden, who often targets Logic in his rants. It’s clear Budden isn’t a fan, and he pleaded with Logic to leave the Rap game.

Logic Is Unfazed

“Logic, I beg of you, I’m pleading with you: please join me in retirement,” Budden said. “Be allergic to microphones! Promise your fans nothing! Don’t go to the studio ever again! You are the worst, yo! You are really, really bad!” He also stated, “And then when we think he can’t get any worse, you have the bright idea of doing an Ice Cube flip… Logic is just not himself. I just think that Logic should be himself. He panders to the Black community every other second.”

The call-out wasn’t missed by Logic. He responded to the negative reactions but didn’t necessarily name Budden outright. In a video, Logic answered a fan who told him he should work on a covers album. “You know it’s funny you should say that,” said the rapper. “Um, it’s funny you should say that because I thought about doing that. Wouldn’t that be cool? Everybody’s all pissed off at me because I did a f*cking Ice Cube cover. Meanwhile, I texted Ice Cube, and he’s like, ‘Man, keep on doing you, brotha.’ Like, what the—who gives a f*ck. Who gives a f*ck.” Check out Logic’s latest cover of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony above and the original track from the Ohio hitmakers.

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