April 25, 2024

Trevor Jackson Defends “Grown-ish” Co-Star Chlöe’s “Swarm” Sex Scene


Donald Glover scored himself another successful hit with Swarm. Dominique Fishback is stellar in the lead role of Dre, an obsessed fan who embarks on a crazy journey as she stalks her favorite pop star. The series is said to be inspired by Beyoncé’s dedicated BeyHive fanbase, but that has been argued. Meanwhile, it isn’t just the cameos and star-studded cast that has caused Swarm to become a hot topic; Chlöe and Damson Idris’s raunchy sex scene made for naughty memes on social media.

In a scene, the singer and Snowfall star were having intercourse, albeit Chlöe was face down in a doggy-style position. Some found it amusing and cracked jokes, others were a tad hot under the collar, but a select few criticized the “Have Mercy” singer. Chlöe emerged with her sister Halle Bailey as songbirds who were Beyoncé’s muses. Critics believed Chlöe was straying from the ‘good girl’ persona she’s carried throughout her career. Despite the pushback, the singer’s Grown-ish co-star Trevor Jackson defended her against naysayers.

Chlöe & Damson Idris Were Performing Art

Fans may be taking things a bit too seriously, suggests Jackson. He was stopped by TMZ and questioned about the singer’s recent scene. “I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s art,” he said. “And I support Chlöe in any and everything that she does. He added, “She’s an amazing person, and she’s an artist. She can do whatever she wants, whatever she feels led to do. It’s her life, and she’ll always have my support every time.”

When Chlöe first began teasing her solo career, she faced backlash from people who believed she was being too sexy. Some saw it as performative, others thought she was trying too hard. However, the criticisms seemed more about how they saw the singer, not how she saw herself. Chlöe has repeatedly defended her forms of expression, and with each new sizzling release, she storms the charts. Further, she’s readying for the arrival of her debut solo album, In Pieces. The project is slated for arrival on March 31 through Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records. Watch Trevor Jackson defend Chlöe above.

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