June 1, 2023

Twitter Shows No Mercy For 6ix9ine After LA Fitness Attack


After years of patronizing every rapper on the Internet, karma finally caught up with 6ix9ine at LA Fitness on Tuesday. The polarizing rapper found himself in a vicious confrontation at a Florida gym where he was pulverized by a pair of men and eventually, was rushed to a hospital for treatment. Footage emerged on Tuesday night of the rapper leaving a changing room of an LA Fitness with bruises and blood all over his face as Tekashi yelled in disbelief, “Y’all n***as jumped me.” 

Then, the actual footage emerged of 6ix9ine’s beatdown at the gym. Though known for his controversial antics, the video of Tekashi getting attacked at the Florida LA Fitness doesn’t seem staged. The pair of men punched and kicked him in the ribs and face. One of the individuals grabbed 6ix9ine by his weave, yelling, “Take a picture. I wanna be famous now, n***a,” as the rapper struggled on the ground. At this point, it’s hard to say what prompted the attack on 6ix9ine at the LA Fitness but many believe it’s the result of trying to beef with anyone who will give him any attention like the time he shared his location hoping that someone would attach him.

Twitter Flames 6ix9ine Over LA Fitness Attack

Truthfully, it was only a matter of time until someone caught Tekashi lacking. From the moment he emerged with “GUMMO” until as recently as Gunna’s prison release, 6ix9ine remained unscathed in the face of threats of physical threats, though hitting a public gym like LA Fitness without security was certainly his first mistake. Needless to say, people weren’t necessarily shocked to see the footage.

Attorney for 6ix9ine, Lance Lazarro, told TMZ that the LA Fitness staff immediately called the police before EMS showed up and transported him to the hospital in an ambulance. 6ix9ine not only suffered gashes on his face during the LA Fitness assault but also sustained injuries to his jaw, ribs, and back. Lazarro explained that he will be calling the feds to ensure that Tekashi gets the protection he needs. Still, there’s no concrete evidence linking the attack to 6ix9ine’s cooperation during his RICO trial. We’ll keep you posted on any more updates. Check out some of the reactions below. 

Twitter Shows No Mercy


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