April 25, 2024

03 Greedo & Maxo Kream Team Up On “Buss Me A Script”


03 Greedo’s home and he’s wasting no time getting back into the mix. The West Coast rapper returned last week with the release of “Bacc Like I Never Left,” his first post-prison release. Though he didn’t go the “First Day Home” route, his latest single sounded like he didn’t miss a beat during his incarceration. How could he? The rapper continued to keep fans satisfied with a slew of projects including January’s Free 03.

Though 03 Greedo already amassed a massive catalog of unreleased music, he’s back in the booth recording fresh new tracks. After he was granted parole in January, he was released to a halfway house where he was putting in work. “Where I am I just want to see my daughter and record music,” 03 Greedo said in a statement via Instagram “I wish I could have released alot more music while I was away. So, I have this chip on my shoulder to just go record n drop at least 12 tapes before my major album and I honestly just don’t want to talk to alot of people yet. I got a lot I want to clear in my head first.”

03 Greedo & Maxo Kream Make The Cali-Texas Connection On New Collab

It’s been a while since Maxo Kream and 03 Greedo connected on wax but they’re back at it again this week with “Buss Me A Script.” This time, Greedo turns down the auto-tune while flexing his various flows with a touch of urgency to his delivery. 03 Greedo kicks things off, reflecting on his cash flow and celebrating their status. Meanwhile, Maxo Kream’s smooth, laidback flow comes through on the second verse for an incredible pairing.

The latest single from Maxo Kream and 03 Greedo, who previously worked together on “Beg Your Pardon,” is expected to land on Greedo’s upcoming album, Halfway There. The rapper’s upcoming project includes 33 songs in total with features from Ty Dolla $igh, Babyface Ray, and Peewee Longway, among others. It will also include production from Harry Fraud, Lex Luger, and more. Check the new single above.

Quotable Lyrics
If I want you gone, get you killed the same day
Big homie in my zone, they gon’ drill when I say
Spin a opp like a DJ, Kay with the Slay
Kill a cop like Denzel on Training Day

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