April 24, 2024

NBA Youngboy & ZAYEL Join Forces On “Members Only”


NBA Youngboy and up-and-coming rapper ZAYEL have a certified heater on their hands with their new collab, “Members Only,” which arrived with a set of visuals where YB debuts his new tattoo. The two rappers collide over smooth, bluesy production for their latest offering, which finds them ruminating about the harsh environments they came up in. ZAYEL takes it back to where it all started when his first starts, sharing details of his school days before eventually, reflecting on the risks that come with the streets. It’s an honest and grim verse, though it’s also an excellent introduction to ZAYEL for those who only introduced themselves to him through his collab with NBA Youngboy.

Still, it’s NBA Youngboy who comes through with an impressive verse for the second half of “Members Only.” This time, NBA Youngboy comes through swinging, reflecting on his own rags-to-riches story on his record with ZAYEL. The rapper’s militant energy shines across through the record. “I can tell you I ain’t the one to f*ck with, this sh*t get bloody, boy/ Rolls Royce, I remember I used to ride around in stolen cars,” he raps on the record. NBA Youngboy precisely lays down what he’s about and everything that made him who he is in a succinct verse. Hopefully, we hear more energy like this from him on his next project.

NBA Youngboy Collides With ZAYEL For Their New Collab

Despite the violent imagery scattered across his verse, NBA Youngboy appears to emphasize his latest mantra about entertainment vs reality on ZAYEL’s “Members Only.” The rapper’s currently gearing up for his upcoming album, Don’t Try This At Home, which he teased during a rare appearance on Rap Radar, where he also described how a lot of rappers aren’t who they appear to be on wax. 

Ahead of his collaboration with ZAYEL, NBA Youngboy formally announced an April 21st release date for his next project. Don’t Try This At Home will reportedly consist of 33 songs in total, though it’s unclear if “Members Only” will appear on the tracklist. Prior to this, NBA Youngboy shared singles like “Next” and “Demon Party” in anticipation of the album. Check the new single above.

Quotable Lyrics
Cop shit, don’t run and tell the Feds, they know I knock shit
Knife on the yard, play, I send a n***a to the shop, bitch
Behind the bars, I shut a nigga down, they know how Top get
Ben, tell a n***a, “Fuck ’em,” once he released, he gon’ get blitzed

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