April 25, 2024

Patrick Beverley Reveals Why He Won’t Have Sex Before Games


Patrick Beverley is one of those guys in the NBA who does not shy away from speaking his mind. Overall, Beverley’s honesty can oftentimes be a bit offputting. However, there is no doubt that the fans love him for it. Sure, he might get roasted for his talents, but his confidence is something to marvel at. If it weren’t for his trash talk or his confidence, he wouldn’t have the platform he has now. The platform in question is a show through Barstool Sports called The Pat Bev Podcast.

Throughout the lifespan of this show, Beverley has made some very interesting comments and revelations. Most of the time, Beverley can be heard speaking about his experiences with various teams. For instance, he recently talked about how he was frustrated with the Lakers. Subsequently, this apparently led to him asking for a trade. Although, the initial reports claim the Lakers wanted to get rid of him, first. Either way, the podcast is filled with gems, and that was certainly the case on “Episode 23.” In fact, some might say that Patrick Beverley got a little too personal on this one.

Patrick Beverley Gets A Little Too Honest

Above, you can hear the full episode. However, one of the more interesting parts is when he starts to explain his sex life and how it relates to playing in the NBA. As Pat Bev explains, he does not have any sex before games. Overall, this is to help keep his legs fresh. Although, Beverley did admit that this is a pretty hard rule to follow when you consider that he has a game every other day. It made for some hilarious conversation, especially since Beverley began to realize that he should probably stop talking about this.

Patrick Beverley is not the first athlete to employ this strategy. Boxers have stood by this rule for decades, although they go to the extreme with it. Jake Paul even blamed a recent loss on him having a wet dream. At this point, it is just one of those things that high-level athletes stand by. Stay tuned to HNHH for more news and updates from around the sports world.

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