April 21, 2024

6ix9ine Makes Surprising Decision In Regards To His Security


If you have been following the news lately, then you certainly know about what happened to 6ix9ine earlier this week. As we reported, the rapper was at an LA Fitness in Florida when he was approached by a group of men. Subsequently, these men decided to attack him, seemingly unprovoked. Overall, it was a fairly vicious beatdown that was completely caught on camera. Following the brawl, 6ix9ine suffered bruises all over his face. Moreover, his face was all swollen and there were numerous gashes.

In the aftermath of the attack, the artist was placed in a storage room in the gym. That is when the employees decided to call the police, as well as paramedics. Once 6ix9ine was taken to the hospital, he was fixed up and promptly released. At this point, the police are still trying to find the men who executed the attack. Even 6ix9ine’s lawyer Lance Lazzaro wants in, claiming that he will be contacting the feds to make sure 6ix9ine remains protected. Needless to say, it is quite the situation.

6ix9ine Won’t Be Living In Fear

According to TMZ, however, the rapper has no plans to up his security. Based on sources close to the artist, it has become clear that 6ix9ine just wants to live his life like a civilian. It is a fairly bold choice when you consider how the rapper put numerous men in jail for a very long time. Fans have theorized that Tekashi would be a target. Regardless, the artist has completely ditched his security and has made it clear that this incident will not be prompting him to rehire them. While this may come as a surprise, it is fairly in line with 6ix9ine’s way of thinking over the years.

In terms of music, it remains to be seen what 6ix9ine’s plans are. While he has dropped sporadically over the years, he is nowhere near as consistent as he was back in 2018. That said, perhaps now is the time for him to drop a song. His name is finally in the news again, which has always been his ultimate goal. Stay tuned to HNHH for more news from the hip-hop world.


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