April 24, 2024

6ix9ine Refuses To Leave Florida After Beatdown, Self-Defense Influencer Trolls Him


It’s hard to remember the last time that the “GUMMO” rapper took over the news so powerfully and consistently. Moreover, after footage spread of 6ix9ine’s beatdown at the speed of light on social media, sources close to the rapper stated that he’s not planning to switch gyms or to South Florida, TMZ reports. Given the swift and jesting social media response to his assault, many might consider this a bad move. However, the rapper’s team stands by his alleged decision to not change the way he lives his life based on one incident.

After all, those jubilant about his attack spent years trashing the artist, and it’s a miracle that more headlines like these haven’t popped up. Of course, this is one attack too many, yet his constant taunting in the face of his detractors wasn’t lost on anyone this week. Still, even though much of the rap world responded with either understanding or satisfaction, there are many who saw it as no laughing matter. It’s still an assault at the end of the day, and could’ve been much worse.

6ix9ine Will Not Leave Florida As Self-Defense Influencer Trolls Him

Despite his wishes to keep his security as is, 6ix9ine’s attorney Lance Lazzaaro previously told TMZ that he contacted federal authorities to strengthen protection. Beyond that, if the 26-year-old is looking for tips on how to stand up to such attacks, perhaps he should look at a self-defense influencer’s video trolling him. Moreover, Detroit D.U.S.T. posted a skit of him telling followers how to survive a beatdown in an LA Fitness- “or anywhere else, if you’re six foot nine, or 69 years old, or you were born in 1969.” The video clearly has a more comical slant to it, but at least he does give some legitimate tips.

Whether they work or not is unclear, and Daniel Hernandez probably won’t look for trouble anytime soon. As Charlamagne Tha God stated, though, this is a learning opportunity for those who either taunt to no end, like 6ix9ine, or seek violent solutions, like his attackers. In a world where far too many rappers pass away from violence every year, this conversation should not stay in Twitter memes. Fortunately, he’s okay now, and videos like D.U.S.T.’s are somewhat helpful, albeit satirical. Regardless, check out that self-defense clip below and log back into HNHH for the latest on this story and more on 6ix9ine.


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