April 24, 2024

Chlöe Responds To Backlash Over “Swarm” Sex Scene


Chlöe just responded to backlash over a sex scene in the TV show “Swarm,” where she acted with Damson Idris. Moreover, she spoke to Big Boy about the issue, who expressed confusion as to why people made a fuss over the moment in the first place. As the radio host rightfully points out, she barely appears in the scene, as the primary focus is on Damson. Furthermore, the Neighborhood icon brought up that the Bailey sister’s costar didn’t receive as much criticism for the scene as her, calling out gender standards. While she didn’t disagree, she said that she learned to focus on what made the project so compelling and dismiss undue criticism at face value.

“So I’m an actress, you know?” the artist began. “And I feel like it’s about art. When I first received the script, it was just insane and gorgeous. I think people are actually forgetting the plot of that scene. It’s not about seeing me in the mirror of that scene. But I think because it’s me doing it, that’s what kind of makes it blow out of proportion. But I’m barely seen for two seconds in that” Then, Big Boy asked whether Idris also received flack for the scene. “I don’t think so,” Chlöe replied, “’cause he’s a man.”

Chlöe Responds To Critics Of Her Sex Scene In “Swarm”

In fact, that’s a similar sentient to “Grown-is” costar Trevor Jackson’s defense of Chlöe and the scene in question. “I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s art,” he told TMZ when asked about the controversial scene. “And I support Chlöe in any and everything that she does. He added, “She’s an amazing person, and she’s an artist. She can do whatever she wants, whatever she feels led to do. It’s her life, and she’ll always have my support every time.”

Meanwhile, the “Body Do” singer said that she was very nervous about recording the intimate performance. “I was very scared because I haven’t had that many partners,” she revealed to Deadline. “I’m not like that, that sexual and open. Damson made it very comfortable, you know, there were limited people on set. We were making a joke out of it. I have to give a lot of kudos to him as a man for making me as a woman feel comfortable literally being raw and naked.” Regardless of your take, log back into HNHH for the latest on Chlöe.

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