April 24, 2024

Dave East Keeps His Head “Above Water” On New Single


Dave East’s recent musical output has been a firm reminder of why he was one of the most compelling artists out of New York City at one point. During his mixtape run, he earned a glowing co-sign from Nas and later signed a deal with Mass Appeal. At a time when Soundcloud rap was the hype, Dave East became the response to those who felt lyricism was a dying art form. And though he wound up pivoting towards TV and film after his debut album, his latest releases have indicated that he only gets better with time.

Over the weekend, the Wu-Tang: The American Saga actor emerged with some brand new heat. Dave East shared his latest single, “Above Water,” this weekend, which pairs his vivid storytelling and suspenseful production to provide motivation for the masses. Across the song, East delves into his delicate balance between rap stardom and the streets that he came up in, while also reflecting on his daughters and their future. Dave East’s honesty in his penmanship remains one of his best attributes in the game and “Above Water” is an exemplary showcase of that.

Dave East Provides Hope On “Above Water”

Dave East has undoubtedly been active over the past few months. However, with the Wu-Tang show officially wrapped up, the rapper could have his next studio album coming soon. Last year, the rapper unloaded two projects – HDIGH and Book Of David – while delivering a slew of guest verses and loose singles, along with East Mixes. Hopefully, Dave East be coming through with a new body of work in the coming months.

Though he hasn’t shed too many details surrounding the project, it seems like we could anticipate a collaboration with J. Cole. During the red carpet for Wu-Tang: The American Saga debut, he explained how Cole put a battery in his back. “I took a lot from that,” Dave East said. “Just his whole energy, you know what I mean? For him to be who he is at the level he’s at and give me that game like that, give me that little bit of advice just to help my own shit out.” Check his new song below.

Quotable Lyrics
They tryna trick us out our spot, can’t let a lane provoke you
Just tryna walk the righteous path, it’s like an angel chose ’em
You can’t control ’em, they can’t fold ’em, this forever rollin’
For all of our homies that ain’t make it, y’all my motivation

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