June 1, 2023

Drake Has Hilarious Interaction With Someone’s Mom At Dinner


Drake just appeared in a hilarious Instagram video interacting with someone’s mom at a dinner table. Moreover, it wasn’t just one woman, but seemingly a group of them who ate together and then realized the 6 God was close by. In the clip, the Canadian superstar clearly knew that the table noticed him, and said “Wassup girl?” as he walked by. Then, he exclaimed as the table hyped him up right back, moving his hands and sticking his tongue out. Furthermore, the person who posted said video (and whose mom Drake addressed) captioned their IG Story post with, “Did Drake just say ‘wasss up girlie’ to my mom?” Also, it’s not the only fan interaction that he had this week, or the first to be caught on video.

Moreover, maybe a lot of people will clown the rapper for his attitude in the clip, but he could’ve acted like a lot of other celebrities and just ignored the people fawning over him. At the very least, it’s quite the comical interaction and might even become a meme format with how popular he is. After all, his calls of “21, can you do somethin’ for me?” on the song “Rich Flex” became a hilarious moment online, which he addressed shortly after Her Loss‘s release.

Drake Hilariously Greets An Instagrammer’s Mom During Dinner

“I understand after all these years that, I feel like I have a polarizing presence,” he remarked during a stream. “I’m almost a character in people’s movies and therefore, there’s a running dialogue. There’s jokes. You’re either the villain to some people or hero to some people. It just comes with the territory.

“But ultimately, I’ve just found a way,” the 36-year-old continued. “I’ve always been able to laugh at myself, but I really do feel now that I mentally am able to separate the two. So I just want to stay in that zone, that’s kinda my resolution. I feel really good right now.” With that in mind, hopefully the superstar can continue to take himself not too seriously and keep making the art he wants to make. Regardless, stick around on HNHH for the latest news, updates, and potentially meme-worthy moments from Drake.

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