April 25, 2024

Logic’s “MTV Cribs” Spoof Video Tours His Incredible 16-Bedroom Mansion


At its peak, MTV Cribs had an impressive roster of guests appearing on the iconic show, from Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent to Missy Elliott and Usher. The reality series took a hiatus for years but made a return in 2021 to tour the residences of celebrities like Heidi and Spencer Pratt, Ray J, and Ariel Winter. Another famous face who didn’t quite make it onto the show, but still wanted to give us a look into his home is Logic, who uploaded a 15-minute video to YouTube this past weekend taking fans inside.

As HipHopDX notes, the College Park rapper acknowledges in his post that some viewers may not be familiar with MTV Cribs in 2023. Still, he leaned into the hit show’s classic iconography, having fun and cracking jokes the whole way through. “From food stamps and welfare to a muthaf*ckin’ mansion baby,” the 33-year-old laughs to the camera. “I’m so happy to be here today, this shit is crazy. Muthaf*cka’s rich.”

Logic Lets Fans Into His Home

Among the unique artifacts that the soon-to-be father of two chooses to highlight are a 1,000-pound door, two music studios and a separate content studio, plus artwork made of real gold. Additionally, Logic and his family have two kitchens, 16 bedrooms, and 24-hour live-in security to ensure their safety at all times. “God damn, we made it!” he exclaims after stepping out onto one of the room’s private balconies.

“Sometimes I come out here and I just reminisce, man. I think about where I came from… Obviously, I’m being funny, but I really mean this. Like, I can’t believe this, this is insane. Look where we’re at today,” he told viewers. “But dude, I’m not kidding when I say I ate cereal with powdered milk. I went hungry. My mom would choose cigarettes over food some nights. The come-up is a real one. And I’m just so blessed and so happy to be here,” Logic added, reflecting on his humble beginnings and the hard work he had to put in to reach the heights he has today. Watch the full MTV Cribs spoof on YouTube above, and check back later for more hip-hop news updates.


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