April 25, 2024

L.A. Chargers Star Sebastian Joseph-Day Accuses TSA of Sexual Assault


Attention is drawn to the Transportation Security Administration today (March 27) after Sebastian Joseph-Day made scathing accusations. The Los Angeles Chargers defensive tackle took to his Twitter account to pen a lengthy thread about his alleged experience at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, Calif. “I really just got sexually assaulted by TSA at @JohnWayneAir,” said Joseph-Day. “After I asked the gentleman to please stop BC I’m uncomfortable and I feel that this part of the check is unnecessary (After he felt what was needed). Then they told me I was the problem after 3 TSA agents swarmed me.”

The football star further added, “I’m all for people doing their job well. But it was extremely unnecessary and dehumanizing. I travel a lot, for personal and work reasons. I’ve never experienced anything like that @JohnWayneAir.” Additionally, Joseph-Day said he had to “jump through hoops” just to file a complaint. He also addressed critics who called him out for making his story public. For the 28-year-old, it was important that the TSA agent who allegedly assaulted him be disciplined.

Sebastian Joseph-Day Gets A Response

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – SEPTEMBER 19: Sebastian Joseph-Day #69 of the Los Angeles Rams is seen after the game against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium on September 19, 2021 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

Unsurprisingly, debates erupted on social media. TSA defenders made excuses for the administration, alleging that Joseph-Day must have exhibited behaviors that prompted probable cause. However, they were fiercely met with pushback from people who argued that TSA has long abused its authority. Meanwhile, the Chargers star didn’t share any further details about his experience. The status of the investigation is unclear—and brand new—so there hasn’t been much else revealed. However, the Transportation Security Administration released a statement to The Hill acknowledging the accusation.

“TSA is aware of allegations made by a traveler who was screened by TSA officers at John Wayne Orange County Airport Friday morning,” the statement reportedly reads. “We are looking into the matter to determine if our procedures were followed and whether any corrective action needs to be taken.” Joseph-Day has continued to defend himself on social media. He’s unwavered by critics and even dropped off definitions of sexual assault for naysayers. Read through Sebastian Joseph-Day’s tweets above.


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