April 24, 2024

Quando Rondo Suggests Lil Durk Lookalike In His Music Video Was A Coincidence


The feud between Lil Durk and Quando Rondo has no end in sight. However, the issues between OTF and Never Broke Again continue to be a topic of discussion. In 2021, Quando Rondo shared a video for “Soul Reaper,” but fans quickly noted that the visual included a Lil Durk look-a-like. Given the tension between Durk and Quando Rondo, it seemed like an obvious shot but the Georgia-based rapper explained that that wasn’t his intention. “These fans make anything up,” the rapper wrote. “N***a don’t even be thinking like that.”

Still, the music video for “Soul Reaper” remains a contentious point in their relationship. During a recent interview with Say Cheese, the rapper was asked about the music video, once again. He went on a long-winded rant where he described the various types of hairstyles in his city and the rising trends of wick. Though he eventually landed on the topic of the bible and compared getting a bald head to Michael Jordan, he doubled down on his claims about the “Soul Reaper” music video.

Quando Rondo Denies Using Lil Durk Lookalike

In the music video for “Soul Reaper,” an individual with blonde dreads that bears similarity to Lil Durk appears, though ends up getting pressed by Quando and his crew. Despite trying to side-step the question, he eventually explained that the blonde hair was something that he appreciates. “It’s a trend going on. A lot of people have blonde hair. I love the blonde look so that was actually one of the homies that dyed their hair color and I really liked that color on him. It was nothing like that,” he said.

Besides Quando Rondo’s feud with Lil Durk, NBA Youngboy recently extended this beef to Lil Baby. Over the weekend, the Atlanta star met Ja Morant after the Grizzlies game where he was gifted a signed jersey. However, in the background, Baby recited YB’s infamous lyrics that Ja Morant quotes frequently. In response, NBA Youngboy issued a stern warning, claiming that Baby already chose sides in the ongoing beef. Clearly, there’s no end to this beef and YB seems to have issues with anyone who associates with Durk. 

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