April 24, 2024

Suge Knight Is Working On “BMF”-Like Biopic On Death Row: Report


It looks like 50 Cent’s BMF inspired Suge Knight to tell his life story in the form of a biopic series on Death Row Records. Per TMZ, the Death Row founder is reportedly collaborating with his brother, Brian Brown, to develop a series based on the rise of the iconic West Coast label. Though there isn’t much information regarding the cast or the plot yet, the show is expected to begin filming this summer. Suge reportedly found inspiration in the tale of BMF, which recently concluded its second season. 

The upcoming series will dive into Suge Knight’s story, prior to becoming the music industry bully. The report states that the upcoming series explores the Death Row founder’s life. He became known as one of the leading and most imperative figures in the hip-hop industry throughout the 90s, though what we’ll see will provide a better sense of Knight’s rise. Not only will it explore the Death Row era but there will also be a large component focusing on his childhood and his aspirations to become a football coach. 

Suge Knight’s Death Row Biopic 

LAS VEGAS – FEBRUARY 17: Music producer Suge Knight attends the Belvedere Ultra Lounge Day 4 At Club OPM on February 17, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Chad Buchanan/Getty Images for Moet USA)

Though he’s currently incarcerated for the 2015 death of Terry Carter, Suge reportedly has been incredibly involved in the process. As you could imagine, he isn’t willing to allow anyone to take on his role or those of others within his circle. TMZ reports that he’s been particular about the individual who plays the role of Tupac. Suge Knight reportedly hopes to find someone who could embody ‘Pac through their acting chops and not just their looks. Apparently, he’s been selective with the show’s personnel, specifically the actor who will ultimately take on the role of Tupac. 

The upcoming Suge Knight/Death Row biopic comes on the heels of Snoop Dogg’s re-release of the catalog. After acquiring the label ahead of the Super Bowl performance in Los Angeles, Snoop partnered with Larry Jackson’s company to redistribute their classic albums through streaming services. Though Snoop intended on bringing Death Row’s catalog to the Metaverse, he struck a deal that was well worth the return of their albums on DSPs. No word from Suge Knight on Snoop’s re-releases but people are clearly happy to have projects like Doggystyle and The Chronic in time for the summer. 


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