April 24, 2024

Lavar Ball Has Some Advice For Bronny James Jr.


Bronny James Jr.’s every movement is being dissected second by second. The eldest son of LeBron James has a lot of important decisions to make in the coming months. The high school senior will decide where to take his talents on the hardwood. As colleges will be lining up to have just a moment with James Jr., Lavar Ball has other advice. Ball, who has seen all three of his children play in the NBA in some capacity, gave James Jr. some interesting advice on his future.

The Ball father did an interview recently with Sporting News Australia, where he mentioned James Jr. should seek options outside of college. Ball advised that Bronny should look at the NBL as a real option for his future. Comparatively, the National Basketball League is where Lavar’s son LaMelo decided to take his talents before the NBA. It’s not terrible advice for someone whose spotlight will be much larger than the average college athlete.

Lavar Ball’s Suggestion To Bronny James Jr.

James would be allowed to solely focus on basketball if he chose the NBL. As Ball stated in his interview, “You wanna play basketball, and you really that dude, why am I sitting in class trying to pass a chemistry test?” Ball has a point with that statement. Most Top 50 recruits aren’t going to college to further their education. The dream is to make it to the league, and college is more focused on a plethora of opportunities. It’s no secret that Bronny’s NIL worth is one of the largest for a future college prospect. The options are limitless for the 18-year-old.

The decision may seem simple from the outside looking in. However, Bronny James has a difficult road ahead of him. Yes, the money sounds nice, but the pressure will be enough to break most. James has the opportunity of a lifetime in front of him no matter what he chooses. Except, only one decision will be the perfect choice for him and his family. So, which decision will be the right decision? Let us know your thoughts on what James should do with his future in the comments section below. For more news on Bronny James, stay glued to HNHH.


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