April 25, 2024

Yeat Has Fans Going Wild On His Most Recent Tour


Yeat may be fairly new to the game, at least in terms of notoriety, but you wouldn’t know it by seeing videos from his tour. Fans of the LA-based 22-year-old rapper are going wild at his shows. The antics range from violent to confusing, and with more than half of the tour left to go, we’re sure to get more crazy videos. The rapper’s demographic might not be what you expect, either. Even though he shot to viral fame through TikTok, it seems like even parents are pulling up to the pit.

Yeat recently released his third studio album, Afterlyfe, an hour-long album that’s been called “exhilarating in small doses“. The tour started a little over a week after the album’s release. Some may question the commercial viability and longevity of artists that gain popularity through social media, but if the videos from Yeat’s tour are any indication, he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The rapper’s numbers aren’t anything to scoff at, either. Afterlyfe debuted at number four on the Billboard Top 200 and number one on the Billboard Rap Albums charts.

Blame Yeat For Your Late Packages

We already got some pretty insane videos of the crowd at Yeat’s New York show. They were filmed from a balcony and showed a fully packed venue of fans jumping and singing along. The new videos, however, are straight from the middle of the pit, and the energy is even crazier than it looked from far away. One video shows people inexplicably circling around a broken wet floor sign and flipping it off. Another shows an older man crowd-surfing while onlookers ask whose father it is. There’s even a video of a FedEx employee in his work uniform getting pushed around in the pit. It seems like Yeat’s fans will do whatever they have to do to make it to the show, even if that means pulling up in a delivery truck.

No one held back in the comment section, either, taking shots at Yeat fans in the videos. “I know it stinks in there,” said one user. “Imagine how low you gotta be to attend this type of shows,” remarked another. Shady comments aside, it’s clear that the rapper has some seriously dedicated fans. Would you go to a Yeat show after seeing these videos? Let us know in the comments below.


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