April 21, 2024

LeBron Pokes Fun At Teammate Liking Kobe More Than Him


LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have been a happy team recently. The team is still in a fight for playoff positioning. Nevertheless, the team is finally healthy and seem to be having fun. For LeBron, he has been down this road before. In his early Cleveland days, every game was a fight. Now, with injuries, getting the Lakers to the finish line has been a daunting task. LeBron isn’t the youngest man on the team anymore. Even some of his teammates have let him know that.

Austin Reaves has become a diamond in the rough for the Lakers down the stretch. The second-year guard is having a career year. Reaves’ teammates have continued to glow when speaking about his performances. Reaves has been the fuse to light this Lakers’ run down the stretch. For Reaves, he has always been a fan of the Lakers. Even if it is at the expense of his fellow Laker, LeBron James. James let the media know where Reaves’ childhood fandom lay.

LeBron James Has Fun With Austin Reaves Over Childhood Fandom

LeBron’s comments were made after speaking on Reaves having his back. Patrick Beverley took a shot at LeBron a few nights ago with the too-small sign. Two days later, Reaves gave it right back to Beverley, and LeBron took notice. LeBron joked that Reaves has his back. Even if he was a Kobe fan growing up. James teased that he has forgiven Reaves for his childhood fandom, though. The Lakers avenged their earlier loss to the Bulls and now sit in the eighth position in the West.

If you grew up in the 2000s, the talk was always Kobe and LeBron. You couldn’t like both and had to pick a side. Now, we should be able to celebrate the greatness in both. However, you still may run into a diehard Kobe or LeBron stan. So, I guess the question is, what side were you on? Were you team Kobe? Or were you team LeBron? Please sound off in our comment section below to make your voice heard. For the latest news on the NBA and the playoff race, stay locked into HNHH.

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