April 12, 2024

Lil Uzi Vert Supports JT On Her Therapy Journey


As hard as it may seem to believe at times, most celebrities truly are just like us. In fact, many of those in the limelight who struggle with mental health issues to begin with find their conditions only exacerbated by the constant pressure that comes along with their career. While some opt to keep their problems to themselves, others often use social media to share life updates and be vulnerable with their fans, simultaneously encouraging them to do the same. JT of City Girls fame did just that on Twitter, sharing some details about how she plans to improve her mental health in the coming months.

“Super excited about starting therapy,” she wrote in a tweet last Saturday (March 25). “I encourage you all to do the same🤞🏾!” the “Twerkulator” hitmaker added, making it abundantly clear that there’s no shame in talking to someone about your feelings. While JT didn’t explicitly share what she wants to get off her chest in any upcoming appointments, her life before fame came with plenty of rough moments that are likely still weighing on her. Additionally, her newfound place in the spotlight beside Yung Miami certainly comes with its own downsides for the partners in rhyme.

JT Confirms Her Plans for Therapy

After the 30-year-old shared her excitement about beginning her therapy adventure, countless followers showered her with praise. “It’s literally necessary for everybody, [I don’t know] why people be acting like they don’t need it,” one user pointed out in JT’s replies. Another person chimed in, “I already do, for two years now. It’s life-changing [for real] sis. I pray your experience is as well.” Aside from the fan love, the rap diva also has a strong support system in the form of her long-term partner, Lil Uzi Vert.

The Philadelphia native spoke with TMZ earlier this week, at which time they asked their thoughts on JT seeking mental health help. Uzi sounds to be in full support of their girlfriend and even noted that they’ll be in attendance at some sessions to help out and perhaps work through issues of their own. As for anyone else considering therapy? The “Just Wana Rock” hitmaker thinks there’s no time like the present to work on yourself. “You just gotta do it,” he advised anyone watching. “You just have to really embrace yourself and love yourself.” Check out everything LUV had to say in the video below and tap back in later for more pop culture news updates.

Lil Uzi Vert Supports Their Partner

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